Heritage House of Gifts
From ornate glassware and lamps to clothing and postcards there is something for everyone at the Heritage House of Gifts. Located in the heart of Funtown USA’s Kiddie Ride area.

King Arthur’s Gift Shop
A tribute to the medieval times, this shop sells Excalibur-related merchandise. You can purchase swords, armor, and pieces of the coaster itself.

Horizons Tiki Bar Gift Shop
An oasis in the middle of Splashtown USA, this shop sells the essentials to have a great day at Maine’s best water park.

Candy Land
A candy lover’s delight. Hundreds of different items to soothe even the biggest sweet tooths await you at Candy Land.

Thunder Falls Action Photos
Get a souvenir photo of your great time on New England’s largest log flume.

Excalibur Actions Photos
See yourself screaming down the 80-foot drop of Northern New England’s largest roller coaster.

Olde Tyme Photos
Transport yourself back to another time with an old-fashioned photo of you and your family.